Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

  • DUI & Criminal Defense There are issues with DUI defense which are extremely time sensitive. If charcged with Driving Under the Influence in Illinois, you must contact an attorney immediately after you release so that steps may be taken  to maximize  your chance of retaining your driving privliges .We accept calls day and night for this purpose. Certain opportunities for challenging the prosecutions case are lost within days, well before your first assigned court date

  • Personal Injury and Workman's Compensation Our focus is on maximizing your opportunity for recovery and your quality of life after you have been injured while at work or through no fault of your own. We can help you recieve the maximum amount in a settlement, as well as as the medical care and support you'll need to recover  

  • Wills, Trusts & Estates     Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the  tax implications of the various ways property may  be conveyed  in Illinois. We will be happy to discuss ways in which you can take care of loved ones after you are gone while preventing the government from consuming  your savings.

  • Divorce, Custody & Family Law     The law in Illinouis has recently changed  regarding how maintainance and child suopport are calculated. We will insure that your rights are maximized while the best interest of the minor children remain paramount. Our approach is one of fairness and decency to opposing parties  in the that a difficult situation not be made worse.

  • Real Estate Transactions     We are an independent law firm which represents only Our Client's interests. Other attorneys recieve business referrals from realtors or  mortgage brokers. These ongoing  relationships can call into question the fuduciary duies which should run only to the Client when conflicts of interest arise, as is sometimes the case. Do not let your realtor pick your lawyer. Hire your Own Attorney

  • License Reinstatement and Restricted Driving Permits    The license reinstatement process is difficult  and  frustrating  for unrepresented persons. It is important that you have an experienced lawyer guiding you in your preparations for the hearing and the process of obtaining the necesaay evaluations. We have relationships wiht evaluators and can frame your case inthe most positve light to obtain the necessary risk level assessment.

  •  Expungement  & Record Sealing    Our staff is discreet and understands that people sometimes need a second chance. Our goal is to help you put your life back on track. Don't let past indiscretions exclude  you frorm employment and other opportunities which may be affected by criminal convictions.An experienced attorney can help remove  such red-flags from your viewable record.

  • Guardianships  Illinois law requires that a determination of of incapacity be made by a court of law in order that a suitable concerned person may  legally act on behalf of a disabled adult. We are experienced in navigating the various aspects of this necessay and emotional process. We also are aware that this duty often falls disproportiantely to family members who are not always able to absorb costly legal representation. We  price our services accordingly.